Running Out Of Seasons

by Phonzz

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Live from the heights
Eyes on us every night
These days it's like fight or flight
And that goes for a lot of things
You gone lose a lot of rings
Give her passion
Move like you not tryna lose
Pitch it even if it's outta tune
We running out of time here
That's one of my fears
My number one drive here
I ain't tryna pocket the change and retire here
Kill the noise Illinois I ain't dying here
Strict diet here that's why I'm hungry
Corporate motherland I don't think they understand
Thats why they chase love there's no brakes, love. no slow paced love. no right place, love. Uh.
Money make you change up heard it first hand from niggas with plans
I just need you and this dynasty
Girl fuck that other shit honestly
Cus it doesn't get any scari-ya
We smack dab in the middle of America
Steve Jobs told me go for it
Because no one really knows anything really
because everything's unknown we could never make it or be 3 seconds from on
And that's the truth but then what about you
All these dualities, love. In this dialogue. Can't harness my artist, shits the hardest uh
Running out of time like we always do
Disconnected as we wanna be
Far too connected I don't wanna be
but aye, give or take it is what it is
Some light the joint some make a hit
some never find what it is their looking for
I'll admit that's kind of me right now
but I'm close
To you, to the love I know.
Ain't nothing slowing down
Life stay making her rounds
What's wild is we think we got a hold of it, the meaning of life, like we know of it
Nah this is just Quasi deep shit
It happens when you're going off the deep end



released October 1, 2013
Produced By: Daniel "Daniel F."
Written by: PHONZZ "Stephon W."
Mixed By: PHONZZ "Stephon W."
Mastered By: Kurt "Kizzurt" Petrek Continental Recording Studios
Art Direction: PHONZZ "Stephon W."
Publicist: Niccole Wilson



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URBZ LYFE New York, New York


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